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Acute Kidney Injury (formerly called Acute renal failure) means that your kidneys have suddenly stopped working. Your kidneys remove waste products and help balance water, salt and other minerals (electrolytes) in your blood. When your kidneys stop working, waste products, fluids, and electrolytes build up in your body. This can cause problems that can be deadly.

Acute kidney injury has three main causes:

A sudden, serious drop in blood flow to the kidneys - Heavy blood loss, an injury, or a bad infection called sepsis can reduce blood flow to the kidneys. Not enough fluid in the body (dehydration) also can harm the kidneys.

Damage from some medicines, poisons, or infections - Most people don't have any kidney problems from taking medicines. But people who have serious, long-term health problems are more likely than other people to have a kidney problem from medicines. Examples of medicines that can sometimes harm the kidneys include:

  • Antibiotics, such as gentamicin and streptomycin.
  • Pain medicines, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Some blood pressure medicines, such as ACE inhibitors.
  • Dyes used in some X-ray tests.
  • A sudden blockage that stops urine from flowing out of the kidneys - Kidney stones, a tumor, an injury, or an enlarged prostate gland can cause a blockage.

We have an ICU backup in our centres in Pune (Ruby Hall & Nobel Hospital), and in Delhi (Primus Hospital). In Bangalore - we have ICU facility ExcelCare Hospital (Banashankari).


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