Clinical Leadership

Physicians who choose to partner with DaVita have direct access to some of the world’s leading clinical experts in various areas of kidney care. DaVita’s clinical leadership team—including the Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO), group medical directors and our physician partners—works together to identify, shape and drive the patient programs that are implemented in our more than 2,000 dialysis centers.


Delivering Outcomes & Satisfaction

  • DaVita has been at the forefront of driving outcomes in India through a rigorous outcomes focused service delivery
  • Physician-driven clinical outcomes that are the best or among the best in virtually every category – adequacy, fistula use, mortality and others
  • Monthly patient scorecards: From mproved patient outcomes month over month to individualised care
  • 93% of DaVita patients are satisfied with the quality of care they receive at DaVita.

Why choose a DaVita centre?

  • DaVita’s safety protocols & policies – best in the United States: Now in India
  • Comprehensive & reliable biochemical monitoring
  • We comply with the globally recognized NKF KDOQI (National Kidney Foundation Initiative) guidelines
  • Monthly clinical audit & patient scorecards
  • Top notch infection control protocols for minimum risk of seroconversions
  • Travel-friendly dialysis - India’s first online medical record

DaVita Advantages – Superior Clinical Infrastructure

  • DaVita has the necessary resources support and processes in place to provide the highest quality of care in dialysis. This translates to healthier, happier patients and doctors alike
  • State-of-the-art facility with the latest machines and highest specification RO Plants
  • Imported recliners – first and only in India: to give patients the freedom to work, watch TVor be active during dialysis
  • Individual entertainment systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, personal entertainment system
  • Door-to-door pickup and drop: for independent, worry-free commute to and from dialysis
  • Highly improved intradialytic tolerance (fewer cramps, Nausea and vomiting)
  • Less post-dialysis fatigue, Cramps and light headedness

DaVita differentiation – The Clinical Aspects

Our endeavor is to provide the highest quality of outcomes at the lowest possible “total cost of care”.

We ensure this through

  • Strict and proven clinical protocols and high quality clinical infrastructure.
  • New set of tubing
  • High quality RO Plant
  • Reuse on automated machines
  • Strict infection control protocols
  • Highly trained and motivated staff
  • Our own dialysis academy, which train the technicians for 1 year using the curriculum from DaVita USA
  • Continuous quality improvement process (CQI
  • Monthly patient audit
  • Tracking of outcomes
  • Individualized patient improvement plans
  • Patient scorecard

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