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Hospitals large and small in India face a unique set of challenges – right from finance related, in terms of clinical management, regulatory, team building, business development, marketing and so on. At DaVita, our onus is on growing your brand alongside a world-class dialysis programme. We pride ourselves on not only delivering operational excellence, but also we shore up resources on Business Development, patient awareness, marketing across the board. In a nutshell, this means precious working capital is used where it needs to be, your overheads are lower and significant savings in both capex and opex are seen. And that’s just from Day One!

DaVita offers holistic kidney care for patients all over India. The collaboration of DaVita has opened an array of opportunities to serve people. DaVita is a state-of-the-art medical center that offers India's first-of-its-kind renal disease management center for Acute, Chronic, and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Located at 15 centers all over India, DaVita brings together expertise in Nephrology, Dialysis, Urology, Vascular Surgery, General Medicine, Psychology, Diet & Lifestyle Management and Diagnostics. DaVita is the first center in South Asia to have networked dialysis machines and the highest specification RO plant to provide India's Highest Quality Dialysis experience to patients.

At the heart of our work is the constant attention to patients' happiness which makes our progression even more worthwhile.

Personalized care model

DaVita’s our approach is to treat you, not just your kidney disease. Our dedicated and highly trained clinical care team works closely with a broad range of specialists to address your physical and emotional needs.

  • Physicians rely on our dedicated and highly trained clinical teams as well as a broad range of specialists to address patients’ physical, emotional and financial needs.
  • Prescription delivery, chronic disease management and other integrated services help improve patients’ quality of life.

Why patients chose us?

  • World-class, qualified, experienced team.
  • High-tech centre with top-of-the line equipment.
  • Dialysis in a comfortable, private environment, with imported medical recliners, IPTV and LCD screens, and more.
  • Fully equipped operating theater.
  • Standards of patient care and safety comparable with the best in the world. State-of-the-art, standards compliant Hospital Information System for instant accurate access to all patient records.

Reach out to Vinay at +91 99005 93900 or vinay.h@davita.in to enable Zero Compromise Kidney Care at your hospital.

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