Home Hemodialysis

As the largest provider of Home Hemodialysis in the United States, DaVita brings the latest modality in Renal Replacement Therapy to India. With a Zero Compromise approach to quality, safety and convenience, you have the experience of a world-class dialysis centre under your roof.

Our Services Are Aimed At:

  • Providing dialysis at the comfort of the patients’ home
  • Giving flexible treatment time and duration based on the patients’ convenience and need
  • Avoiding any chance of cross infection
  • Cutting on travel time of the patients
  • Enabling the patient to lead a healthier life with fewer restrictions

Who Can Opt For HHD ?

  • Patients who are stable and mobile as assessed by treating Nephrologists
  • Should not have the following conditions:
    • Episodes of breathlessness in resting condition or with minimal excursion
    • History/Episodes of chest pain/cardiac disease
    • History of hypotension or hypertension during dialysis
    • Hb< 8
    • Serum K > 6 meq/L in 2 out of last 3 months
    • Access or cannulation issues

HHD Case Study

Our 60yr old CKD patient opted for Home Hemo-Dialysis after being dialyzed at our center for seven months. The following is the description of this case study:

  • 3x, FX8 on Fresenuis 4008S with portable RO
  • Session Counts: 160 (46 in center and 114 HHD)
  • Patient prescribed for 3 times dialysis but due to various issues the patient was highly irregular for dialysis
    hence would have high weight gain
  • Once put on HHD, QoL improved –
  • Full compliance and better weight control
  • Reduced edema – No morbidity, No Adverse reactions & stable
  • Anemia, Adequacy & Albumin are well within acceptable ranges
  • Safety ensured
  • No in session or intra complications
  • No hospitalization in last 9 months

Call us at 6000 6200 (prefix your STD code) for a DaVita HHD program near you or request for more information now.

Why choose DaVita's HHD


HHD Expertise DaVita is the largest provider of HHD in the United States with over 5,000 patients and the same expertise is being brought to India. DaVita provides care to over 2lakh patients on dialysis worldwideSingle use dialyser for added safety
Technician Training Special Training for technicians running home hemodialysis by DaVita USA. This includes
  • Policies & Protocols
  • Infection control
  • Machine maintenance
Limited training
BLS Training Basic Life Support Training for all HHD Technicians
Emergency Protocols Provision of Multipara monitor at no extra costMitigating risk via enhanced training for dialysis technicians
Outcomes Monitoring Online Monitoring of dialysis sessions Online Electronic Medical Record with session summary reports Patient Scorecards
Nephrologist visit at home Video Skype Call with nephrologist Nephrologist visit at Home (on request)
End-to-end services DaVita manages the following for machines, RO Plants & Medical Equipment
    • Site Surveys • Installation • Maintenance • Servicing • Troubleshootingx • Post-installation Audits
Minimal maintenance
Patient Satisfaction Surveys Monthly & Annual patient satisfaction surveys Kidney Smart & Kidney Disease Education Tools
Recliner Provision of high-end recliner with space age breathable and fireproof material
Diet Consultation Dietician interaction via Skype
Affordable pricing All inclusive pricing including dialyser, tubing Pricing slabs based on add-ons Refundable deposit

Available DaVita HHD Packages

Advantages of HHD by DaVita DaVita HHD Package includes
Latest Equipment: Dialysis Machine by Nikkiso / Fresenius or Equivalent
Dedicated technician on-site: pre, during & post-dialysis
Consumables included: Dialyser / Tubing
Online monitoring software - at home
Digital Multi-para monitor
Laptop with Electronic Health Records & HMS Onsite
State-of-the-art RO plant
Imported, fire-resistant, ergonomic dialysis chair
EPO* Injections & Vitamins
Monthly Lab Panel Tests*

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