Kidney Transplant

Many people enjoy a better quality of life after renal transplant, because they get rid from routine dialysis treatment, various restrictions and painful life. Of course, they live better life with the right precautions. But getting a new kidney does not mean your treatment is over. Getting a donor kidney is a big responsibility. You have to be committed to taking good care of yourself.

After kidney transplant you will have to take care to keep your health fit, to be able to follow your normal daily routine, diet and be able to go back to work. Your body will take time in to heal and feel normal, so you have to understand your limitations after surgery. Initially, you will probably have less energy than you did before surgery. It takes time for your body to adjust to your new medications. Napping and spacing your activities is recommended to prevent putting a strain on your recovery.

DaVita believes in giving you the choice for Renal Replacement Therapies - be it dialysis or transplant (both live related donor and cadaver). We now offer transplant services at all our major centers.

Advantages of Choosing DaVita

  • Some of India's top teams of transplant surgeons & nephrologists
  • Tertiary care hospital support - with NABH certification
  • DaVita transplant care team & support
  • Counseling pre and post-transplant

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