Our Partnership Philosophy

To develop thriving physician and hospital relationships by innovating ways to achieve superior clinical outcomes, process eciencies and growth.

Building a better healthcare community.

What di­fferentiates DaVita Kidney Care from other healthcare companies, both global and local is one credo “DaVita is a community first, and a company second.” In India and across the globe, DaVita Kidney Care has improved the way patients dialyse and live better with kidney disease. The company's clinical outcomes for dialysis have improved for the past decade, and in many key areas measuring quality dialysis care, DaVita is the undisputed leader. Being part of the complex healthcare ecosystem in India means challenges and setbacks galore. But, as you will see, DaVita has not only survived but thrived in our country. In six years, we have built a reputation of high-quality, ‘Zero Compromise’ dialysis. We focus on the parameters that matter: outcomes and safety. We are perhaps the only nationwide dialysis provider to share outcomes for patients on dialysis and their stories. Every DaVita teammate is charged up to ‘Build the Greatest Healthcare Community the world has ever seen.’ We invite you to be part of our Vision. Welcome!

3 Reasons to Partner DaVita

  1. The Power of Superior Outcomes

  2. Quality begins with a relentless focus on outcomes on dialysis and driving up overall Quality of Life for patients.

    clinical snapshot
    Delivering Outcomes & Satisfaction

    DaVita has been at the forefront of driving outcomes in India through a rigorous outcomes focused service delivery

    • Physician-driven clinical outcomes that are the best or among the best in virtually every category – adequacy, fistula use, mortality and others

    • Monthly patient scorecards: From improved patient outcomes month over month to individualised care

    • 93% of DaVita patients are satisfied with the quality of care they receive at DaVita

  3. The Reliability of a Global Leader

  4. Across the world and over the years, DaVita has been a game changer in the world of diaysis. Learn how we bring across operational eciencies to help free your bandwidth so you can provide care.

    Widely recognised as the leading dedicated kidney care provider worldwide, DaVita has picked up accolades not only in clinical quality, but also as a healthcare community that cares for teammates and patients alike. Here is DaVita at a glance.

    187,000 DaVita patients*

    53,455 Teammates*

    2,225 U.S. dialysis centers*

    104 Overseas dialysis centers*

    And expanding at a fast pace internationally

  5. The Advantage of Stable Financial Returns

  6. Hospitals today face a challenging business environment everyday. Learn how DaVita’s expertise can help you thrive in this tough climate and return with a winning hand, time after time.

    Hospitals large and small in India face a unique set of challenges – right from finance related, in terms of clinical management, regulatory, team building, business development, marketing and so on. At DaVita, our onus is on growing your brand alongside a world-class dialysis programme.

    We pride ourselves on not only delivering operational excellence, but also we shore up resources on Business Development, patient awareness, marketing across the board. In a nutshell, this means precious working capital is used where it needs to be, your overheads are lower and significant savings in both capex and opex are seen. And that’s just from Day One!


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