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A few weeks ago, during dialysis, my hemoglobin dropped to 6.3 and caused severe breathlessness – it was the thanks to the quick action and caring words of the technicians which saved my life that day. They made it look simple. Today, if I am breathing and writing this email means it is only because of them. Please appreciate their work and with such caring professionals, DaVita can surely raise their collar and say “We are number one in this service.” Much appreciated guys!!!

Mr. Sathish
July 24, 2015

DaVita was one of only a handful of centres that were fully operational during the Chennai Floods.

It feels great to be associated with DaVita, which emphasizes on patient's health and ensures their safety even during this time of great distress. I'm very thankful for your call to check on my wellbeing. - MrRamesh

We were really worried on how to get transportation to the centre but yesterday, we managed to reach your centre and were really overwhelmed to see the staff working so hard to ensure patient safety. Now, today when you have called to ask us how we are, it gives us more happiness that this hospital really cares for us. Thank you so much. - Mr. Manikandan

He was very thankful to DaVita management for arranging dialysis at Kumaran hospital when Kilpauk was not functional. -Mr. Subramaniam

Thank you for your call, really appreciate the efforts your team is putting in at this time. -Mrs. Rani

Were really happy to receive a call. -Mr. Ahamed

First of all, I must congratulate the core team of Dr. Suresh, Mrs. Sushma and Mrs. Geetha for their commitment and dedication during the crisis. -Mr. Lionel

Further, I must congratulate driver Guru who came home to take us for dialysis not once but twice on each occasion braving high water levels. On one occasion, water entered the engine but he somehow mustered the help of locals and had the vehicle pushed out and got it started and got us to the clinic.

Then we salute the diligence and care exercised by the team of technicians spearheaded by Mr. K. Srinivasan who not only braved inclement weather and flooded roads to reach the centre but was also so reassuring and accommodative to every patient who called for dialysis. I don't think even a single request was turned down. His performance was truly exceptional.

Sisters, Sharmila and Malar worked round the clock at Kumaran hospital while Sister Devi and two other technicians stayed in the IP ROOM of the clinic to extend the dialysis timings.

Apart from all this, leading hospitals all were flooded and had to shift patients elsewhere under the conditions of power outages, extreme contamination and horrifying human tragedy. We have been so fortunate to have been served by such an excellent team that exhibited the best principles and ideals that makes Davita stand a cut above the rest.

I may have personally mailed this to you but these are also the feelings of most other patients.

The support staff Ms. Mary, the dietician Priya and Shalini, receptionists, and Jayraj and Suresh and all the other technicians chipped in with all their sincerity and effort.


Prompt and timely action by Center staff on 31/12/2015

I would like to place on record the swift, prompt and timely action initiated by the Center staff to attend an emergency situation with respect to my wife.

My wife is currently undergoing dialysis in your institution and we have been regular visitors with your Hosur Center. On 31/12/2016, my wife complained about breathlessness in the morning and we rushed her to your Center. On our way, I had called the staff who normally have been attending my wife Mr. Sampangi and informed about the situation.

When we reached the Centre, the hospital staffs immediately rushed into action and were ready with the wheelchair to receive us at the gate and took my wife to the bed which was already set-up and all equipment and paraphernalia were ready to function.

I was indeed touched and moved by the humane attitude displayed by the Centre staff who had exhibited perfect co-ordination and timing to ensure that every requirement was addressed, to ensure appropriate care and attention to the patient.

I would like to extend my gratitude to Dr. Mrs. Topoti and her team of nurses and special appreciation to the Center manager Mr. Karthikeyan. I am sure that with this commitment and dedication, the team will take the “Davita” Centre at Hosur to greater heights.

Ramamoorthy Padmanabhan
Location: Hosur
Date: 02/01/16

In October 2012, I was admitted into the Casualty of Ruby Hall clinic due to breathlessness and excessive cough. I was shifted to the NTU ward of the hospital with 100% ventilator support. The frequency of dialysis was then increased to 3 times a week.

It was in March 2014 when DaVita took over the dialysis unit of Ruby Hall Clinic. It has been a life changing experience since then, and a tremendous transformation in my life with respect to a few points:

  • The quality of dialysis has been improved.
  • Symptoms like vigour, headache, vomiting and excessive cramps have stopped.
  • There has been an increase in appetite.
  • Blood pressure is under control.
  • After the dialysis sessions, I feel fresh and rejuvenated which was not the case previously.
  • There has been an increase in the dry- weight of the body.

Most importantly,I am thankful to the Nursing and the Support staff at DaVita. They have played a very important role in overcoming the negative psychological thoughts. They keep me motivated and focussed to achieve my goals. Right now I am awaiting my results of my final year engineering and also in the mean time have cleared the CAT 2014 examination and planning to pursue a Masters degree in Management. It has been a life changing experience at DaVita in helping me lead a life as par as a normal life.

Mr. Aquib Shaikh

This is to place on record my appreciation of the commendable job executed by Dr. Avinash Ignatius of your DAVITA, Pune.

I witnessed his complete devotion, exemplary medical skills, interest, determination and enthusiasm when he treated my 18 year old son, who was admitted in the Noble Hospital, Pune, with Acute Renal Failure. It was first God and then the efforts of Dr. Avinash Ignatius that my son could recover quickly from ARF.

As a veteran senior journalist of international electronic and print media, I have covered the medical arena for several years, but have only just witnessed such spirit and devotion as exhibited by Dr. Avinash Ignatius. He is a great asset to the organization.

In few words - Dr. Avinash Ignatius's performance is par excellence and I feel that your company would definitely spread its wings far with such talented and gifted doctors on board.

I wish him and your organization many more successes, and hope that your organization would cater to the wider scale of humanity at affordable and competitive costs.

- Ms. Amita (Name changed to protect identity)

DaVita has entirely changed the concept of how an ailment can be faced and treated by making you so comfortable. Post-treatment, I see the difference in me. I have become a much better person. My health has improved, I enjoy going out for movies and dinner with my friends and have a renewed interest in my hobbies like cooking, embroidery and singing which I had given up on

My kidneys failed four years ago and I now suffer from stage-five Chronic Kidney Disease. I have to undergo hemodialysis thrice a week as a life sustaining therapy. I have visited several hospitals in Pune for treatment over the years, the last being at the DaVita centre at Noble Hospital. I instantly realized that the experience here is incomparable to the other hospitals where I underwent treatment, due to their world-class facility and extremely capable staff. All the equipment and dialysis machines are hygienic, brand new and are maintained regularly. At DaVita, you know that you are in safe hands

I felt completely helpless when I was first informed at Noble Hospital, Pune that I have Chronic Kidney Disease and should undergo lifelong dialysis. My family was worried too. I was slated to undergo dialysis at DaVita and was dreading it. But the doctors and staff made the whole experience such a breeze through intense care and attention that all my worries vanished. I hope DaVita continues to support and treat all patients the same way. I wish them the very best.


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